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Dog training and activities in Darlington

Teaching YOU, how to train and understand your Gundog breed 

Specialising in high-energy gundog breeds in pet homes

How many times have you been told...

"oh, just ignore him when he jumps up, he'll soon learn!"

...yet here you are months down the line and your dog is STILL jumping up! 

"just stand still when he pulls and he'll soon learn not to!"

...but your dog is still choking himself on every walk and your back is sore!


"he's misbehaving and not settling at home because he's bored and needs more exercise"

...even though he gets three walks a day and lots of ball play!  

"just redirect your puppy onto a toy to stop him biting"

...but your puppy is coming at you relentlessly and hard - they couldn't care less about a toy!

Most people have a similar picture in mind for the future when they first bring their puppy home.  You’ll go exploring on stress-free adventures together and they’ll be a pleasure to take anywhere you want to go, fitting in perfectly and happily with family life.


But for so many people, this couldn’t be further from reality.


If you are here looking for training support for your young Retriever, Spaniel, or other Gundog breed or mix, chances are your walks have become stressful and frustrating as they are running over to every dog they see, chasing everything that moves, dragging you along by the lead, and ignoring your calls.  


If you are here because you have recently brought your puppy home or are making plans for when you do, now is exactly the right time to get started so you can make the journey ahead as enjoyable as possible, avoiding all the mistakes commonly made with Gundog breeds. 


Teaching behaviour is simple when you know how, but understanding what motivates your dog and how to use it in your training is where things can get tricky – especially when outdoors with your Retriever or Spaniel!  


With outdoor group and 1-1 training options tailored to Gundog breeds, you have come to the right place. 

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