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Dog training in Darlington and online

Supportive coaching for puppies, adolescents, and adults.

Specialising in high-energy gundog breeds in pet homes

"oh, just ignore him when he jumps up, he'll soon learn!"

...yet here you are months down the line and your dog is STILL jumping up! 

"just stand still when he pulls and he'll soon learn not to!"

...but your dog is still choking himself on every walk and your back is sore!


"he's misbehaving and not settling at home because he's bored and needs more exercise"

...even though he gets three walks a day and lots of ball chasing!  

"just redirect your puppy onto a toy to stop him biting"

...but your puppy is coming at you relentlessly and hard - they couldn't care less about a toy!


8 - 16 weeks

Learn how to raise a calm and confident puppy or how to overcome those frustrating struggles with supportive training programmes and consultations.


Fun and fair training that is rewarding for both dog and human! 

Creating life-long bonds based on trust and understanding. 

How many times have you been told...