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Dog Walking Darlington - Exploring Nature Together

Enjoying long walks around the surrounding countryside and parks of Darlington is why many of us end up with a dog – especially a high energy Labrador, Spaniel, or other gundog breed! Dog walking around Darlington introduces us to like-minded people along with a love for adventure and exploration!

But what happens when dog walking goes wrong, and you find walking your dog around the local parks and countryside of Darlington nothing but stressful and frustrating?

Whilst so many of us love our gundog breeds, without careful management and training outdoors on their walks, they can soon become out of control. This is why DogScentric’s dog walking service is so distinctive from all the others. We have been dog walking and training these breeds for years and understand exactly what they need and exactly what will cause you, their human, big problems for your future dog walks together!

At DogScentric, we understand the innate need for our gundog breeds to run, explore, engage with the environment, and very importantly, use their brains. Despite a huge choice of local parks, scenic trails, and surrounding countryside available to us, DogScentric’s dog walking activities are held in secured fields with 6ft fencing to ensure safety for even the most enthusiastic hunting machines!

Our dog walking service is designed to provide our intelligent gundog breeds with sessions packed with training games and activities including hunting, retrieving, heelwork, recall, sit stay, self-control, and patience. With small groups of only 5 dogs, you can ensure that your puppy gets the most positive and beneficial social experiences and that everyone receives plenty of individual care and attention. With spaces only available to regular weekly dogs, you can be sure your dog will make the best of friends during their time with us.

Mental stimulation is just as important as physical exercise for these breeds, but often, their daily activities are focused on physical exercise alone, with their mental needs not being met. This can lead to a whole host of problematic behaviours and that’s exactly what DogScentric dog walkers want to avoid for the dog owners of Darlington.

Our dog walkers are adventure enthusiasts with a passion for exploration and activity, and continue to develop their skills and knowledge of canine behaviour, body language, puppy development, positive reinforcement training, and more specifically, of our gundog breeds.

Appropriate socialisation is another key aspect of our dog walking services. At DogScentric we pride ourselves in helping young puppies, or timid older dogs to find their confidence and make good friends by keeping groups small, consistent, and very carefully selected. Darlington has so many scenic and social dog walking areas available making it ideal for those with well-behaved and social dogs. But for those with scared, reactive, frustrated, and out-of-control excited dogs, dog walking in Darlington can be a real struggle, and every one of those struggles mentioned can often be a result of inappropriate socialisation from a young age. Inappropriate socialisation often occurs within poorly run dog walks and dog day cares where group sizes are too big to be well-matched and managed. At DogScentric, we don’t just want to walk your dog. We want to make your life together as simple and enjoyable as possible so even our dog walking services will help to support you and your dog’s training.

Dog Walking in Darlington with DogScentric is more than just your dog’s daily exercise. It’s an opportunity for your dog to explore the outdoors, build relationships with good friends, get some exercise, and put their highly intelligent brains to good use so you can come home to a calm and contented dog that has had all of their needs met.



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