“Liz has been helping care for Lily and Cooper for the past year , they both love her and I feel super confident that they are being well cared for both mentally and physically.

Liz is known as the dog whisperer in our household as she can get my crazy cocker spaniels to sit still , this is indeed a skill believe me.

Initially we did enrichment home visits to stimulate their active brains, this definitely suited me as I felt it allowed Liz to get to know Lily and Cooper and for them to get to know her too as they spend the majority of time with myself , I was looking for a very special person to help me care for my fur babies and definitely found her in Liz.

They now go on a walk with her and do lots of extremely fun things to tire them physically and work those very active cocker brains , this they absolutely love , the video afterwards is fab to watch, they are such active intelligent dogs that they definitely needed more than just a little dog walk.

I found Liz by chance and am so grateful that I did, her qualifications and treat based training is exactly what any active intelligent dog needs, and I, Lily and Cooper can highly recommend her.” 


- Alli Winchester, owned by Cooper and Lily