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Helping the frustrated dog owners of Darlington transform their high-energy breeds from "out of control" to "under control"

Specialising in high-energy gundog breeds in pet homes 

There is no doubt that our Gundog breeds can be a handful!  They are huge amounts of fun, so loving and affectionate, and completely and utterly bonkers!  All that energy and drive often causes lots of challenges and I'm here to help you learn more about the working-bred dog you have in your home, and how you can channel their energy and enthusiasm into constructive activities for an easier and more enjoyable time together.  

So, whether you are looking for puppy classes, training classes for older puppies or adult dogs, activity classes, tailored 1-1 training, or a specialist "walking" service so you can enjoy some peace and take a break - I've got you covered!  Take a look around and get in touch if you'd like to have a chat about your dog and how I may be able to help make life easier for you.  

Dog Training

for puppies, juniors, and adult dogs




Outdoor group training for dogs over 6 months old.  A different skills focus every week!

Starts 11th June.



Outdoor group training for puppies over 6 months old.  A different skills focus every week!

Starts 18th June.

Gundog Activity Club

The perfect recipe for a calmer and more contented dog with all the convenience of a dog walking service.

“I couldn't recommend Liz enough!  She does much more than just take Norman for a walk.  From recall training to teaching him to be more relaxed and patient and even some gundog work, I know Norman will return safe, happy and relaxed.  I always look forward to hearing how he's been during his walks and I know Norman always loves going out with Liz” 

—  Laura Coxon (owned by Norman)

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About me

DogScentric was founded in 2017 by me, Liz.  I have developed specialised services for owners of high-energy dogs to improve their mental wellbeing and overall behaviour, and provide you with support and advice when needed.  I don’t just exercise them.  These dogs need much more than that.  Services focus on training games and activities that are fun, reward-based, and deliver maximum benefits for both you and your dog. 

In 2017 I was awarded with a FdSc in Canine Behaviour and Training with Distinction from Hull University.  I continuously develop my education, knowledge, and experience.  My main areas of focus are gundog training activities for pet dogs, puppy socialisation and development, building calmness and improving mental wellbeing and behaviour in high-energy dogs in pet homes.