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Dog training and activity walks in Darlington

Specialists in high-energy Spaniels, Labradors, and other Gundog breeds and crossbreeds in non-working pet homes

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Does your Spaniel only have two modes: Sleep or mayhem?

Is walking your dog a nightmare? 

Are you embarrassed and frustrated by their lead pulling? 

Do you feel guilty that they can't have any freedom off lead?

I know exactly how it feels to bring home a puppy and dream of all the places you'll visit and things you'll do together, only to end up with a dog that you can't take anywhere without pulling your hair out!  

I specialise in Gundog breeds and their crossbreeds because I have been on that same rollercoaster ride myself!  I started my journey into dog training and behaviour in 2012 and quickly developed a passion for working with dogs who are easily over-stimulated by life itself!

Since achieving a FdSc in Canine Behaviour and Training from Hull University and establishing DogScentric in 2017, I have worked almost exclusively with these breeds and it is clear that they need a more specialised and tailored approach as the generic dog training advice is often ineffective or incomplete.  In 2023 I became an accredited instructor for the Gundog Trainers Academy (GTA-AD 020).

Transforming chaos to calm and frantic to focused

Sharing your home with a breed who is originally bred to do a job will never be without challenges.

My mission with DogScentric is to provide specialist training, activities, and education to promote understanding of their needs, co-operation within the relationship, and fulfilment in their daily lives.

Happy dog = happy human!

Whether you are looking for specialised Spaniel training classes, puppy training classes, training classes for older puppies or adult dogs, Gundog-based activity classes, tailored 1-1 training, or small group activity walks with a difference - I've got you covered!  

Take a look around and let's have a chat about your dog and how I may be able to help make life easier for you!  

Group classes starting soon...

Hi, I'm Liz 

I help frustrated pet parents who are sharing their home with  Spaniels, Labradors, and other high-energy Gundog breeds.  I love and work with dogs of all shapes and sizes, but helping our high-energy dogs to live a fulfilled and frustration-free life in their home is my passion and my specialty.   

My journey into dog training started in 2012, then in 2017 I was awarded a FdSc in Canine Behaviour and Training from Hull University.  In 2023 I became an accredited instructor for the Gundog Trainers Academy (GTA-AD 020) who are striving to raise the standards of ethical, reward-based Gundog training.  I am also an accredited Animal Training Instructor with the Animal Behaviour and Training Council (ABTC-ATI)

Sharing your life with a dog who is hardwired to do a job can be really tough and super frustrating - for you and them!  BUT, when you both start to understand each other and learn how to work WITH their genetics instead of fighting them, things can be so much more enjoyable for both of you.


Let me know what your biggest struggles are right now! 

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Pet Gundog Life Skills & Obedience Classes

Dog trainer with multiple dogs in field

Small Group

Activity Walks

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Dog with dog trainer in field

Pet Gundog

Activity Classes

Dog with dog trainer in field

1-1 Training


My partner Ruth and I enrolled our cocker spaniel pup, Charlie, into the Gundog Foundations Course. Over 6 weeks we were taught everything that we needed to know to set our fury nuclear reaction up for success.


Liz is a great instructor. All of the methods she taught were very effective, but if something wasn't quite clicking for the human and/or the pup, Liz was quick to adapt with a technique that achieved the desired result. There was a lot of information given out in each lesson so you need to be on your toes but Liz will help you through, she did a fantastic job at spotting where we might be struggling and helping us through. Although there is a lot to take in during the session before we got home we had an email in our inbox with a selection of handy resources to continue the training process. All were easy to follow and some even had video demonstrations.

Charlie is still a perpetual energy machine but thanks to Liz that energy can now be, for the most part, harnessed. 10/10 would recommend this course to anyone that wants to see their pup succeed!

Charlie Brown, Working Cocker Spaniel

Spaniel with certificate
Multiple Dogs running towards camera

Small group activity walks for Retrievers, Spaniels,
and other 
high-energy Gundog Breeds

The Gundog Activity Club is the perfect recipe for a fun, stimulating, and social exercise and activity session, giving you a calmer, more contented pet gundog.

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