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Spaniel School
Focused training for Spaniel puppies, adolescents & adults

Whether you got your Spaniel from someone who bred a litter from their pet Spaniel, or from a local Gamekeeper or Gundog kennels, your dog is genetically designed to find and flush game.  This drive is hardwired, not trained.   


They are bred to be stimulated by any changes in the environment and live life at 100mph.  They are persistent, determined, impulsive, pushy, easily frustrated, and often tip into over-arousal if a leaf so much as blows in the wind.  They are loving, affectionate, have no concept of personal space and are a whole heap of fun!

Spaniels are often the choice of breed for an active home who want a walking companion, but unfortunately, there is nothing simple or easy about walking a young Spaniel!

Off lead, if left to their own devices, they will hunt freely and be three fields away chasing anything that moves before you know it.

On lead, without careful training and management from the moment you bring them home, they will be pulling you along like a sled dog, frustrated and over-aroused from being restrained outdoors.

If your walks have already become a struggle or you have a young Spaniel and want to get things right from their first few walks, you have come to the right place!

These skills can require more focused and progressive training for our Spaniel breeds and crossbreeds that often can't be achieved in a general pet dog training class.

Groups will be limited to four dogs to ensure plenty of attention, troubleshooting, and tailored strategies to help you on your training journey.

There are currently no upcoming Spaniel workshops scheduled.

Join us on the Pet Gundog Life Skills & Obedience course where you will be sure to be learning alongside plenty of other Spaniel parents, or take a look at how a Progressive 1-2-1 Programme could help you!  

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