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1-2-1 Training Support

Are you living with a wild child?!

Is your puppy turning out to be a little more than you were expecting and you're feeling like you are in way over your head?  Is the biting and constant crazy energy getting too much?  

Does the thought of walking your dog fill you with dread?  Constant lead pulling, coming back to you only when they feel like it, and trying to get to every person and dog they see is probably NOT how you envisaged your walks would be!  

Is life at home just as frustrating with their inability to settle, their constant stealing, destruction, and attention-seeking? 

If one or all of the above sound familiar, you have most definitely come to the right place!

My mission is to help frustrated pet parents get the best out of their high-energy busy dog.

Training your dog shouldn't feel like a chore, for them or for you! 
Raising a dog is a long-term commitment so it's essential that you are both enjoying the ride!  

My passion and area of expertise is helping those who are sharing their life with a high-energy busy dog who needs MORE.

Typically these dogs can be hard to live with and to exercise and it can just feel so overwhelming.  It can quickly become a miserable cycle of frustration and overwhelm that feels impossible to get out of.  Before you know it, you're no longer enjoying each other which is a devastating position to be in.

I love to work with any high-energy breed of dog, but the vast majority of my experience and education is helping 100mph Spaniels and overly-enthusiastic Labradors, thrive in their non-working pet homes.

And because I dedicate my time to working with those dogs who need MORE...

More understanding
More training
More mental stimulation 
More patience
More time
More skilled and educated handlers ...

My training programmes include MORE...

Combining in-person 1-2-1 skills training sessions and in-your-pocket coaching to support you every step of the way, helping you to become the handler your dog needs to be their very best self.

Get started with the 4-week


Initial assessment questionnaire to determine struggles and goals

Personalised and progressive training plan 

2 x 1-2-1 skills training sessions

In-your-pocket coaching including:

Training videos following each session

Unlimited feedback on training videos

Unlimited support via WhatsApp

PLUS the option to add training walks for your dog including videos for you! *

Skills training sessions held at the training field (Darlington) or at home * 

* home sessions and training walks are only available within a 10-mile radius of the DL3 area *

The longer you struggle on your own, the harder things are to change so let's get started!

Book your free call today!

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I have a working cocker spaniel which was about 8 months and absolutely hyper when I first introduced him to Liz.  He hadn’t had much socialisation due to covid and walking on a leader was non existent.  I initially attended for a puppy foundation course which was useful and following assessment agreed he needed 1/1 input.

Liz has been brilliant she has trained me as well as the dog, Liz explained every thing in easy to understand terms and allowed me the time I needed to practice.  Liz was honest upfront and said it was not an easy job to do and would take a great deal of time and effort on my part.  I emailed her when I was struggling and requested handouts and video clips which Liz provided straight away.  I found them really useful.  Nothing was a bother, Liz is a professional but her warmth, enthusiasm and genuine love of her role shines through. We have completed the course of 1/1 and Liz has equipped me and the dog with the skills and knowledge we need to hopefully become a brilliant team in the future with the dog walking at my side.  She also has a great sense of humour, I would if needed go back to her without hesitation.

Eddie, Working Cocker Spaniel

Liz is amazing.  One of those rare both dog people and people, people.  Our dog, Bear has been transformed.  The sessions were fun and informative and it was always a pleasure to be in Liz’s company.  My family and I, including the cat, will be forever grateful to her (and her Dora the Explorer Style backpack!)

Bear, Vizsla Pointer Mix 

Liz has been helping us with our crazy high energy, but lots of love to give Labrador pup, Sully.  We completed 4 sessions focused on lead walking and think we all thoroughly enjoyed the process!  Liz was very knowledgeable in terms of what we can expect from Sully at this stage and has equipped me with the skills to take his training forward.  Liz is so friendly, made the sessions really fun and we’d love to join a DogScentric training club in the future.  Would 100% recommend this service!

Sully, Labrador

I have a 17 month old working cocker spaniel Archie who was proving to be very strong willed little pup.  I contacted Liz after being recommended her by a friend and she did not disappoint.  After 6 one to one sessions and change of diet I have a content little pooch who is better behaved and now we move on to the gun dog training club and we cannot wait.  I cannot recommend Liz enough she is awesome.

Archie, Working Cocker Spaniel

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