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Pet Gundog Life Skills & Obedience Classes
for Puppies, Adolescents, & Adult Dogs

Is your Labrador’s over-excitement around distractions embarrassing to handle?  


Are you finding your Spaniel’s constant energy levels overwhelming and nothing seems to be helping?  


Is their lead pulling making you dread taking them out?  


Are you too worried to let them off lead in case they run to every dog they see?  


Are they great at home but switch their ears off as soon as you step out the door?


Or maybe you are starting from scratch with a brand-new puppy and want to do everything you can to minimise all the common struggles and frustrations with these breeds and get things off to a good start!  

I LOVE Gundog breeds.  I love their fun, their affection, their drive and determination.  


But life as a pet wasn’t their original purpose.  


Because of this, there are some things that are inherently difficult for them.  Everyday things that we wouldn’t have considered needing to teach and spend time developing, like relaxing in the house, and being able to walk outside without losing their marbles.


The wonderful picture of holidaying together and long walks in the countryside can quickly turn into what feels like an impossible dream!  


These dogs will not do well with nothing more than a daily walk to the same park and the occasional Kong. This lifestyle will not meet their needs as a breed, and they will find their own outlets, and quite often their choice is a problematic one that can be difficult to manage.


The Pet Gundog Life Skills and Obedience course is ONLY for these awesome dogs, that need MORE.  


  • More understanding. 

  • More training. 

  • More mental stimulation. 

  • More patience. 

  • More time.  

  • More skilled and educated handlers.


This course is designed to get you started on your journey together whether you are starting from scratch or revisiting the basics.  


I have been working with these breeds and their dedicated humans for years now and I know that your standard village hall training classes typically do not equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to raise these breeds in your home.  


I understand what a massive learning curve raising them can be and how overwhelming it can feel.  

That’s why the course includes a crazy amount of additional support to help dedicated owners every step of the way.  

Here's what you'll get:


Week 1 online followed by

six in-person sessions each with a weekly theme.


Small groups with a maximum of five dogs to allow for plenty of personalised attention.


Outdoor sessions because that's where these breeds are challenging.


Six months access to the DogScentric app packed with training videos & resources.


Feedback on an unlimited amount of training videos sent to keep you progressing.


Unlimited support in your class WhatsApp group to get all your questions answered.


10% off all 1-2-1 training services from the moment you book the course.


Invitation to join the Progressive Training Club

(subject to availability).


Invitation to join the Gundog Activity Club small group walks (subject to availability and location).

Week 1: 


Get some calmness started both indoors and outdoors using the training videos on the app.

Week 2:


Get to know your dog, what they love and start having fun together to build awesome engagement outside.

Week 3: 

Gundog Games

You have a Gundog!  Learn how to channel this drive productively on your walks.

Week 4: 

Recall Skills

The most important behaviour you'll ever teach your dog.  Build reliability with plenty of fun and games.

Week 5: 

Lead Skills

The hardest behaviour you'll ever teach your dog! Learn how to build different skills your dog needs.

Week 6: 

Stop & Think Skills

Replace their natural impulses with patience and develop their ability to stop and think before acting.

Week 7: 


The bane of everyone's life!  Teach your dog what you would actually like them to do when distractions appear.

Upcoming courses:

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  • Find out more about working with me and which training option will be ...

I highly recommend DogScentric.  I have just completed a 6 week Pet Gundog Foundation course with my Cocker Spaniel and he has improved unbelievably.  Liz has such knowledge and understanding of the gun dog breeds, she also makes the sessions fun for the dogs and handlers.

Swift, Working Cocker Spaniel

Can’t recommend Liz enough! Milo is quite a nervous dog when it comes to the big outdoors and Liz has worked with me over the last few months in both 1-1 and group sessions to give me the skills I need to make our daily walks much more enjoyable, already I can see such a difference in his behaviour and can’t wait to keep working to improve on these further!

Milo’s confidence has grown so much around other dogs and people and we both look forward to everything so much more and no longer feel worried to take on issues that may appear.

Looking forward to further 1-1 and group sessions and in the future, I can’t thank Liz enough for how much she has helped me!

Milo, Labrador

Liz is amazing!  She really gets spaniels and their quirky traits, but most importantly she is fab at retraining humans!!! She is patient, direct and clear - will be doing more training with her!  Highly recommend.

Mabel, Working Cocker Spaniel

I can highly recommend the gundog foundation training.  Liz was brilliant.  Each class was very well planned with lots opportunities to practice training exercises with my young very excitable cocker pup - and Liz was so patient.  The classes were also supplemented with a training tracker and a worksheet which consolidated the learning with further instructions, videos and homework.  My pup and I made lots of progress and we are very grateful for Liz's help.

Henry, Working Cocker Spaniel

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