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Activity Club

Do you need help keeping up with your dog's exercise and stimulation needs?

The Gundog Activity Club is a unique and specialist activity service designed with high-energy Spaniels, Labradors and other Gundog breeds in mind.  

  • all the convenience of a dog walking service giving you a much needed break

  • packed with training games and activities perfect for gundog breeds

  • fun with a small group of well-matched friends

  • the perfect recipe for a calmer and more contented dog

  • created and led by trainer experienced with gundog breeds and educated with FdSc Canine Behaviour & Training

Training games and activities focus on four main areas ...


Building patience, frustration tolerance and self-control


Boosting recall response for fast and enthusiastic returns


Strengthening focus skills around distractions


Reinforcing good manners and social skills around other dogs

The activities will teach and strengthen essential life skills and give your pet gundog an outlet for their natural drives and desires whilst stimulating their busy mind. 

The Gundog Activity Club is the perfect recipe for a calmer and more contented dog. 

Want to be able to enjoy these skills for yourself? 


Gundog Activity Club members receive a 20% discount on all 1-1 training so you can get the best out of your dog both at home and on your walks!  

Just some of the games we play...

Magic hand

Teaching your dog to focus on a task and concentrate on their body movement and position for perfect heeling.

Morning Group

  • 45-minutes of fun games and activities with friends

  • For puppies from 5 months old prioritising social skills and focus around other dogs  

  • For adults who prefer or need shorter walks and enjoy spending time with others and learning new things 

  • Pick up between 9-10am, drop off between 11-12pm

group photo.jpg

Afternoon Group

  • 90-minutes of fun training games and activities with friends

  • For sociable dogs aged 2 years and over   

  • Focusing on mental stimulation, socialisation, fun and exploration

  • Pick up between 12-1pm, drop off between 3-4pm

Only the best...


JR Pure Pate food rewards

The Gundog Activity Club uses Pure Pate to reinforce good manners and behaviour and teach new skills in our games and activities.  It is sourced from JR Pet Products, made from the finest cuts of 100% fresh meat, packed with organic vitamins and minerals, and free from grain and gluten. 


Tasty stuffed KONG

You have the option for your dog to be dropped at home with a tasty stuffed KONG to help him settle, keep him busy for longer with another mental challenge, and to reduce any worries of being left alone.  Your dog's KONG will be stuffed with high-quality cooked minced meat and vegetables.

Chuck it ball 1.jpg

Chuckit! toy rewards

Search and find games are a huge favourite with the Gundog Activity Club.  Chuckit! Ultra Balls are made from durable rubber so they can be sanitised and a high standard of hygiene can be maintained.  They are durable, highly visible and they float.  There is always one for each dog in the group so nobody misses out!

Monthly membership fees from £77